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Pre Settlement Funding provides funding when you need it most!

We understand the financial strain you face while waiting for your lawsuit to settle. Our philosophy is to treat our customers as we would treat our friends and family: with respect, care, and integrity. With over 10 years of experience we’ve helped hundreds of customers in getting the cash they need. Our professional and experienced funding consultants will assist you in your funding request from start to finish, regardless of how simple or complex your case may be.

We separate ourselves from other pre settlement funding firms by providing you with a rapid 24-hour approval and one of the lowest rates in the industry. We provide pre settlement advances throughout the United States. Get the money you need today with no risk to you. You repay your pre settlement advancement only when you settle your case. If your lawsuit doesn’t settle, you don’t owe us a thing and the money is yours to keep.

Through our efficient cash advances efforts, we can enhance your cash flow.

Pre Settlement Funding Cash Advance

If you have a pending case and cannot wait for your lawsuit to settle because the bills are piling up, Pre Settlement Funding may be the solution you have been seeking. We are recognized as one of the top pre settlement funding companies in the industry by having the lowest rates, fastest approval time, and high approval rates. Upon receiving your application, we can get the money you need in as little as 24 hours. We provide you, the plaintiff, pre settlement advances on your lawsuit before it settles. Pre settlement funding can ease the financial stress you may be facing without having to make the mistake of settling for less money than your case is worth.


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We are here to help and ease your financial pain with our pre settlement funding options. Our pre settlement funding services are strictly based on the merit and strength of your lawsuit with absolutely no restrictions on how you spend the money. You may use your pre settlement cash advance to pay off debt, buy a new car, avoid foreclosure, or put a down payment on your dream home. 


Pre Settlement LoansWith our fast approval and our low interest rates, you will be happy that you chose Pre Settlement Funding as your settlement funding choice. We are recognized as one of the leading funding firms in the US because when others say no, we say YES!

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Funding Services We're Providing

debt collectionWe provide settlement loans attorney funding.
* Personal Injury Lawsuits
* Commercial Litigation
* Post Settlement
* Structured Settlement
* Automobile Accidents
* Professional Services


debt collectionIt’s FAST and EASY to get the money you need! Pre Settlement Funding is designed for those in need of cash now, and for those who can not wait until their case settles. If you are looking for a cash advancement on your lawsuit, take the first step by filling out our Pre Settlement Funding application.


debt collectionWe process your pre settlement funding and post settlement funding application on the same day its received and get you the money you need in as little as 24 hours. See if you qualify for a Pre Settlement Advance today.

Pre Settlement Funding, or Personal Injury funding, gets your lawsuit cash now, not later. Providing the fastest Settlement Loans and Pre Settlement Advances is what we do best!